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Permanent Makeup, Permanent Cosmetics, or Micropigmentation is a form of Cosmetic Tattooing. Safe and natural pigments, are used to create long lasting no smear cosmetic beauty enhancements, along with the assistance of topical numbing anesthesia. Whether you want permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, a beauty mark, have the desire to enhance your lips with permanent lip color or lip liner, it can all be achieved with Derma-Artistry, Permanent Cosmetics & Aesthetics.


Permanent Micropigmentation Aesthetics, is a specific category, pertaining to dermal cosmetic correction, including: Tattoo Removal, Burn Scar Camouflage, Stretch Mark / Wrinkle Relaxation, Scalp / Facial Hair Simulation, and Areola Repigmentation. Blending skin tones to camouflage the appearance of surgery scars, skin grafts, and vitiligo.

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The popularity of Permanent Cosmetic Aesthetics has increased for both men and women. Scalp Hair Simulation, and Scalp Shading create the illusion of hair by reducing the visibility of baldness and thinning, replicating hair growth by tattooing simulated hair strokes and patterns on scalp. Permanent Beard, Eyebrow, Mustache Hair Simulation, Lash Line Enhancement, Scar Camouflage and Tattoo Removal are also very popular services for men.

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